I find it important to try a lot of different things and get a lot of experience in different fields, so I’ve had a few different employers over the years, and switched jobs when I felt that there was nothing more to learn, and I had left enough documentation so that others could take over.

My current position is Director of Development at Visiana ApS. The company focuses on a single product, BoneXpert, which based on hand x-rays estimates bone age of children.

Current Employer

Employer Visiana ApS
Position Director of Development



Previous Employers

Employer Position Duration Description
Systematic A/S
Systems Engineer 2017-19 Development and integration of early detection of patient deterioration within a electronic health record system. Development of Android apps and CMS for content control of app.
Technical University of Denmark PhD: Vital Signs Monitoring and Interpretation for Critically Ill Patients 2013-17 Clinical research and development of algorithms for early detection of patient deterioration.
AVISOFT CEO / IT Consultant 2011-15 Aside from other workplaces, I had my own consulting company so that other companies would not need to employ me for projects. Clients included a hospital, my former employers and several driving schools. Projects included data management, website development, system development, setup and maintenance.
Technical University of Denmark Project Manager / Research Assistant 2014-14
6 mths
Project manager on a proof-of-concept project on investigating commercialization for brain-computer interfaces. Tasks included applying for funding, visiting facilities and specialists around Denmark, budget handling and cost-reduction analysis of an existing product.
The Danish Construction Association Position: IT Consultant 2009-11 Repairing and setting up of Computers, phones and lots of other gadgets as well as doing some software development
Swim Club of Copenhagen (SKK) Administrator 2006-08 Replying on emails, sending out information to members, phone supporting, software development, extraction of data for statistical purposes
Forbruger-Kontakt Quality Assurance 2004-05 Guiding newspaper guys if there was trouble with delivery of newspapers and quality checking the deliveries


I have an MSc within computer science background which was supplemented with a PhD in the field of biomedical engineering from Technical University of Denmark (DTU). Here’s a quick overview to show some of the things I’ve been working with the for the last few years.


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